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Renovare 500

Renovare 500

Improve your cognitive abilities the natural way



Greek Mountain Tea Extract

Improve your memory


Improve your concentration


40% Ethanolic Extract

St. John’s Wort Extract

Activates ABC-Transporters


Supports mental health


80% Ethanolic Extract


Supports nervous system


Helps reducing tiredness 


Helps reducing fatigue

Renovare 500

Based on the formula by Prof. Jens Pahnke M.D., Ph.D.

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  • Based on the research of a neuropathology specialist

    Prof. Pahnke and his team have been researching active substances that activate transport molecules in the brain, reduce amyloid plaques and thus preserve nerve cells for more than a decade. As a result, cognitive abilities that are already limited improve significantly, even in the case of age-related mental decline.

  • Special extraction process

    In addition to a certain concentration of the alcoholic extract, (Sideritis scardica / 40% and Hypericum perforatum 80%), a special, complex extraction process is crucial for the effect. This extraction process is based on the use of Renovare 500. Most St. John's wort products use a lower concentration or only use dried parts of the plant.

  • Most effective combination

    Prof. Pahnke and his team tested many plants for a positive effect on maintaining cognitive abilities. The best treatment success was achieved with the combination of Greek mountain tea and St. John's wort.

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