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Based on the research of Prof. Jens Pahnke M.D., Ph.D., specialist for neuropathology

Special extraction process to obtain an 80% ethanolic extract from St. John’s Wort and a 40% ethanolic extract from Greek Mountain Tea. Proven to be the most effective combination for maximum effectiveness to boost cognitive function. St. John’s Wort extract can activate the ABC transporters in the brain. These molecules are responsible for ridding the brain of pollutants and toxins. Greek Mountain Tea has been used in naturopathy for centuries and is famous for its ability to increase cognitive performance. Improve your memory and concentration with Renovare 500. In addition, Greek Mountain Tea has a calming effect without fatigue. For many people, inner restlessness is a constant companion. Sleep disorders and stress are the result. St. John’s Wort brings sun into your mind! It has been used to treat mood swings for decades. Support your mental health with St. John’s wort in Renovare 500.

Convince yourself of a unique product that uses natural ingredients to improve your cognitive abilities and counteract inner restlessness!





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